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Contributing to the anime world since 2003, beginning with ADV films, Blake Shepard regularly lends his vocal talents to FUNimation, Seraphim Digital. As well as appearing in over 150 shows he can be heard in broadcast shows such as...
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Blake's Roles Include:

Upcoming Conventions

May 5 Gojotekicon | Live Skype Panel, 1pm(central time)

July 27-29 Anime Austin | Austin, TX

Aug. 31 Sept. 2 Meta Con | Minneapolis, MN

Sept. 29 Pflugerville Comic Con | Pflugerville, TX

Oct. 26-28 Lumi-Con | Tampa, FL

More 2018 Announcements | Coming Soon...

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Travel Info

Legal name for tickets/rooms etc: Blake T. Shepard

Nearest Airports: Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH )
and Hobby
Airline Seating Preference: Window
Airline Preference: None

Rooming Preference: Alone
Smoking Preference: Non-smoking

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Demo Reels

- 2016 VO Animation Demo Reel

- 2013 VO Animation Demo Reel

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